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Yim Hyun Jung and her Politics of images

Yim Hyun Jung with instagram profile @beyond.chj (b.1991) is a visual artist based in South Korea.

Hyun Jung’s work contemplates the belief in visual cognition. Her work also focuses on tension and interaction between images and reality, as well as the politics of images. Her installations experiment with digital images, videos and light through her photographic experience.

Her ongoing project focuses on creating objects by summoning images from photographs and installing them in another space. The artist sees herself as a port with a certain algorithm and regenerates images within that role using the photographic data presented by her personal experiences. In this process, the images are materialized and deconstructed. This brings into question the processes of cognition and memory. Yim Hyun Jung contemplates the authority and vulnerability of images in the modern age and It is her hope that her work enables the audience to question their own beliefs.

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